Governor Kevin Stitt Signs Marsy’s Law Implementation Bill


May 28, 2019
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Governor Kevin Stitt Signs Marsy’s Law Implementation Bill

OKLAHOMA CITY - Governor Kevin Stitt today signed House Bill 1102, a bill to help fully implement the new Constitutional provisions within State Question 794, or “Marsy’s Law.”

Marsy’s Law, passed by Oklahoma voters in November 2018, includes a new set of stronger Constitutional rights for victims of crime, granting them more information and input during the criminal justice process. HB 1102, by Rep. Mike Osburn and Sen. Julie Daniels, works to ensure these new rights are reflected in Oklahoma law and properly implemented. For instance, the bill clarifies a victim’s right to be notified of the release or escape of an accused perpetrator; it outlines the right of a victim, upon request, to confer with a district attorney; and it creates a requirement that law enforcement give victims written notification of all of their rights under Marsy’s Law.

“Our mission has always been to substantively change and improve the criminal justice system to help victims,” said Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma State Director Kim Moyer. “HB 1102 is an important step in that direction, and we are thankful for the leadership and commitment to victims’ rights shown by the Legislature and Governor Stitt. Moving forward, victims and their advocates will be working with judges, court clerks, prosecutors, public defenders, and law enforcement officers to make sure these new rights are protected. Thankfully, our lawmakers and law enforcement professionals continue to be enormously supportive as we work to successfully implement Marsy’s Law.”

Oklahoma District Attorneys Council President Brian Hermanson said Oklahoma’s DAs continue to support the Constitutional rights outlined for victims within Marsy’s Law.

“Working on behalf of justice means respecting victims, who are often dealing with enormously painful circumstances, and trying to bring them closure and healing,” said Hermanson. “That’s what Marsy’s Law is all about.”

Angela Wiles, whose teenage daughter Alyssa was tragically murdered in 2013, said that passing and implementing Marsy’s Law is something that will help future victims dealing with tragedy.

“When something awful happens to you and your family, it is important to feel valued and respected by the justice system, not ignored,” Wiles said. “Marsy’s Law gives victims the legal standing and Constitutional protections they need to have a voice in the process. I am glad our lawmakers are actively working to support and protect stronger crime victims’ rights in Oklahoma.”