Jodi Lopresto, member for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Oklahoma, supports SQ 794.


Jodi Lopresto, an active member and advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Oklahoma (MADD), recently shared why she supports State Question 794. 

Jodi was severely injured in car crash by a drunken driver who had multiple prior DUIs and drug offenses.  While Jodi was fighting for her life in the hospital, the woman who hit her recovered quickly from minor injuries and fled the state before her arraignment.   


Jodi was left in the dark on the search for her offender.  Her frustration compelled her to track down the criminal herself, and she played an important role in helping detectives in the extradition process.  Even after all of that, she was given little input on the plea agreement. Jodi believes the reforms proposed in SQ 794, would have given her a much needed voice in the process.


Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma is proud to have Jodi’s support and the endorsement of MADD Oklahoma so that Jodi and other victims of crime get the rights they deserve.