Lynn’s Story on Why North Dakota Needs Marsy’s Law

Domestic violence is an issue across the country in which, far too often, abusers are able to escape charges for their behavior due to the lack of proper victims’ rights laws. In North Dakota, the situation is no different. Below, Lynn shares her story on why she believes North Dakota needs Marsy’s Law.

My ex-husband had been abusive to my son and, unfortunately, they had another altercation when my son was about 17 years old. We thought we were in the process of filing charges but were told that there was nothing advocates could do to help us because no one would believe a child against his father. This wasn’t the first time abuse had been reported with no follow-up action taken by the authorities.

While our situation is many years in the past and we’ve all moved on, whatever I can do to help give a voice and protection to victims’ rights is important. Marsy’s Law for North Dakota will help people who face scary, life-changing situations that they are generally unprepared to face. I am glad victims’ rights will finally be given the credibility and respect they deserve.

– Lynn Connell, Bismarck

Supporting Marsy’s Law for North Dakota will give victims of domestic violence and other crimes a voice in the criminal justice system. It’s past time for Marsy’s Law in North Dakota.