The Importance of Victims’ Rights in Montana

As we’ve been traveling around the state collecting signatures, recruiting supporters, and introducing Marsy’s Law to Montana voters, it’s become routine to encounter individuals who are victims of crime and who are so thankful that Marsy’s Law for Montana is moving forward. 

The stories we hear follow a typical pattern—Montana’s law enforcement and prosecutors are compassionate and helpful to crime victims, but on occasion victims feel left out of the process.  Sometimes its not being noticed of an important hearing in the case, or not being given an opportunity for their voice to be heard before the court, or simply feeling helpless by not knowing what their rights are as a victim.

Marsy’s Law for Montana addresses all of these problems.  It’s designed to empower victims of crime and ensure they have rights that are the same as the rights of those accused or convicted of crimes.

It has been so encouraging to meet the everyday Montanans who will benefit from Marsy’s Law.  And hopefully, we can ensure that Montanans who find themselves victimized by crime have better standing in the future.