Efforts To Pass Marsy’s Law In Nevada Moving Forward

With the successful passage of Marsy’s Law during the 2015 Nevada Legislative Session we have begun phase II of our efforts in the state. These efforts include ongoing consultations with legislators of both parties as well as comprehensive statewide outreach effort. With this combined initiative, we aim to create a strong coalition, across the state, in support of Marsy’s Law ahead of the 2017 legislative session.

In a series of meetings with legislators, we have focused on continuing the support Marsy’s Law received in the 2015 session. Most importantly, we are carrying the message that Marsy’s Law is the critical next step in providing the necessary protections to crime victims’ and their families. Additionally, we are asking all of our supporters to contact their legislators to voice support for Marsy’s Law. As we move forward, it is critical that we all endeavor to keep Marsy’s Law at the forefront of legislators’ attention.

With our outreach plan underway, we are asking all stakeholder groups such as victims’ advocates and community organizations to help raise awareness for the necessity of Marsy’s Law. We are utilizing a number of communication tools to aid in this part of our campaign. So whether this is submitting a letter to the editor or volunteering for an event, we can really use your support. The Nevada team is also creating partnerships with advocacy organizations such as the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence and Safe House to bolster our outreach. If you a part of an organization that wishes to be involved please let us know.

In conclusion, with the help of advocates, crime victims, community groups and the lobbying team we will be able to build a strong consensus for passage of Marsy’s Law. With that said, it is extremely important to garner the support of Nevada voters if we are to be successful. Please contact Barry Duncan at [email protected] if you would like to help pass Marsy’s Law in Nevada!