Help Pass Marsy’s Law In Hawaii

The 2016 legislative session opens on January 20. Marsy’s Law for Hawaii and other victim advocates across the state are working to encourage lawmakers to pass a Victims’ Bill of Rights to ensure that victims of crime have constitutionally protected rights to be heard, to be present and to be treated with dignity and respect in criminal proceedings. But it is not enough to hear this message from us. Lawmakers need to hear from you — the voters who elected them — that this is an important community equity issue and one you wish them to take action on this session.

In Hawaii, victims of crime have no constitutional rights that protect them as they navigate the court system. Victims do not choose to be in the criminal justice system; they are forced into it by the actions of others. We owe it to victims, our communities and to the proper functioning of our justice system to ensure that when they find themselves thrust into this unfortunate reality, they are treated with respect and dignity.

If you want to help ensure enforceable rights for victims in Hawaii, please do one of the following:

• Call or write to your legislator to let them know you support Marsy’s Law

• Let us know you want to provide testimony at the public hearings (we will tell you when)

• Submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper (we will help you do this)

• Volunteer at Marsy’s Law for Hawaii events

• Invite a Marsy’s Law representative to speak to your community organization

• Help get the word out through social media

• Ask 5 friends or family members to do the same

Please contact us at (808) 425-7311 or [email protected] to let us know if we can count on your support with any of the above activities. We are here to help and appreciate your support!