Ryan United Founder Stands Behind Marsy’s Law for Montana

The most powerful voices in support of Marsy’s Law are those individuals who have gone through the incredible pain of being victimized by crime and lived to tell about it. We’ve been sharing their stories with Montanans; here’s one of those stories recently published in several Montana newspapers, including this excerpt from the Missoulian:

When I was 17, my 8-year-old brother Ryan was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered by a repeat sex offender. That unthinkable experience is part of the reason I became a police officer, serving for 18 years in Montana.

My experiences also led me to start a national organization called Ryan United, dedicated to helping victims of child sexual assault and abduction. Today Ryan United has trained law enforcement officers in all 50 states on sex offender management, child abduction response, and how to relate with families who are in a painful situation.

And my experiences are also the reason that I’m such a staunch supporter of Marsy’s Law for Montana, a proposed amendment to our state Constitution that would establish a Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights.

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