Inspired Across South Dakota

Since I started working on the Marsy’s Law campaign in South Dakota last summer, I have heard countless stories from crime victims across the state. Many of them are extremely heartbreaking examples of how our criminal system has failed to serve the very people it is supposed to protect. Their stories are very emotional, but their willingness to share their story is also inspiring. It takes an incredible amount of courage for victims to talk about crimes like rape, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. It is especially difficult to talk about them publicly.

However, by telling their stories, victims help make sure the horrible things that happened to them don’t happen to other people. Their stories encourage other victims to report the crimes that have been committed against them. Their stories help bring awareness to people who haven’t been victimized, so hopefully they will never become a victim. 

Nobody wants to be a crime victim and nobody ever plans to become a crime victim. However, it happens to thousands of people in South Dakota every year.  The most recent crime stats show there 2,674 victims of violent crime in one year.  Nearly 500 rapes, 159 robberies and nearly 2,000 aggravated assaults. These victims deserve constitutional rights and that is why I am so passionate about Marsy’s Law. Join us and vote yes on S in November! 

 – Jason Glodt, Marsy’s Law for South Dakota State Director