A Prosecutor Who Goes Above and Beyond to Help Crime Victims

Last week it was an honor to appear on the Mike Moore Radio Show to talk about Marsy’s Law for South Dakota. We spent an entire hour talking about why Marsy’s Law is needed and what it would do.

Mike is the Beadle County State’s Attorney and past President of the National District Attorney’s Association. He was also the South Dakota Prosecutor of the Year in 2012. State’s Attorney Moore is well-respected and has a strong reputation for standing up for victims’ rights. His office serves as a model for the rights Marsy’s Law would require.

State’s Attorney Moore already goes above and beyond what current state law requires in regard to victims’ rights. His office already communicates with all crime victims and he gives them a meaningful role in the criminal justice process. He makes victims’ rights a priority and justice is better served because of his efforts. State’s Attorney Moore’s dedication to helping victims is commendable and we thank him for his service.

Listen to the full interview here.