A November to Remember

As the year winds down, we’re just ramping up over here at Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma.

On November 1st, after a full month of executing a range of events, yielding an influx of calls and generally operating (somehow) at an even higher standard of service than they manage during the other 11 months of the year, we joined our friends at Confidence Con to show a little token of appreciation to a few domestic violence advocates based in Oklahoma City.

During this reception, we acknowledged the staff of Dragonfly Home, Palomar, and YWCA Oklahoma City as a thank you for the hard work that they muster specifically during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Many of these staff members are our allies in this constitutional amendment effort as they are on the front lines of helping victims on the path to recovery and healing – and sometimes that individual’s journey leads them to Marsy’s Law as a way to reclaim their strength by being a voice for others. These staff members are conduits to change. There will never be too many stories to tell, and the staff of these organizations are an incredible force in helping us towards our goal of securing elevated rights for crime victims – those that they serve on a daily basis – next November.

Later that weekend, as the leaves (and temperatures!) began to drop, we found ourselves up against a flurry of seasonal flair – only these shades of orange and red descended for a very distinct reason. Bedlam! As OSU and OU took the field, we had our team decked out in purple, with signs in hand to make introductions to MLOK and pause for a few photos with potential voters. Did you see us in all of our purple gear on ESPN’s GameDay before kickoff? We had a great time in Stillwater and we were excited to connect with so many Oklahomans and make an introduction to this campaign.

Lastly, right before we closed our office for the Thanksgiving holiday we captured – not Santa, yet, but – three cowboys on the roof of my family’s hay barn as they secured an MLOK banner to the side facing Highway 270. The key in partnering with all of our communities, rural and urban, as a means to push forward in this campaign will really lie in the stories of survival that our fellow Oklahomans live to tell. As Political Director for State Question 794, it reminded me that we are well on our way to touching every corner (and community in between) of Oklahoma. Actually, it is often the rural people in this state that spark new movements of political policy and I’m so proud of the widespread support that our efforts are generating for this movement.

So, for us, November started and ended as a month for reflection and I couldn’t be more encouraged by the unique influence and tireless grit of those who want to help us do the right thing for victims of crime in our state. Whether paid, passionate staff members, those seeking a little bipartisan respite during the biggest in-state rivalry of the year or travelers down a country road in Southeast Oklahoma – we are grateful for the time and connections we’re making at this early stage in the campaign.  If we haven’t been in your city or town yet, we will be very soon. Please follow us on social media and sign up your email address for updates, if you haven’t already.