A Touching Reminder At The Oklahoma Homicide Survivors Group Annual Vigil

Marsy’s Law Oklahoma was invited to speak and participate in The Oklahoma Homicide Survivors Group annual vigil in observance of National Day of Remembrance. Our team tenderly gifted roses to the survivors and we were so touched by their stories of journeys through grief. We heard emotions that were raw, truly heartbreaking and extremely inspiring to our cause.

Supporting this event and the survivors reminded our team why we are campaigning for Marsy’s Law and victims rights in Oklahoma. Violent crime happens to, and encompasses, all ages, backgrounds, creeds, and color and victims of crime should not be left to blindly navigate the complicated legal system, in the midst of the aftermath.

At this event, we saw our friend Angela Wiles again. Angela’s daughter Alyssa was murdered in their home by an ex-boyfriend. Alyssa was 14 years old. Angela spoke about her support for Marsy’s Law and emphasized that Marsy’s Law helps the families of victims like her and those at the vigil speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

District Attorney David Prater was also present, and he spoke to how crime destroys in one moment, may impact you for the rest of your life – but then you have to look to the future. We were so proud to hear DA Prater relate that Marsy’s Law is the path to the future for crime victims and their families.

We will risk sounding like a broken record anytime we’re pushing forward on this extremely important effort. We remain extremely grateful for the relationships we’re building with these resilient Oklahomans. On this day and moment of time, we were reminded yet again that hope never fails.