Advocating For Marsy’s Law In Kentucky

Recently, the Marsy’s Law for Kentucky team headed back to Frankfort to continue advocating for the passage of SB15 and HB171. As we’ve made our rounds, meeting with legislators face-to-face, we have confirmed that legislators’ support for Marsy’s Law is incredibly strong. They have heard the desire from their constituents and legislative support cuts across party lines. Marsy’s Law – providing constitutional protection for crime victims – is the rare political issue in our day and age that unites rather than divides.

My ask of each of you is this: help continue to push Marsy’s Law forward. Legislators need to hear from you – their constituents – that crime victims shouldn’t have to wait any longer and SB15 and HB171 MUST be passed in 2017.

Select Who’s My Legislator. Insert your address. Once your address appears on the map, click on the map for more information, or use this handy automated form.


Call (800) 372-7181 and leave a message for a Legislator.

Five minutes of your time can make a lifetime of difference for victims of crime in our state. We are grateful for your support!