Auburn Mayor Adds Support to Marsy’s Law for Maine

The Marsy’s Law for Maine team is honored to announce that we have earned the support of a prominent leader in Androscoggin County – Auburn Mayor Jonathan LaBonte. Mayor LaBonte joins countless other Maine leaders in supporting equal rights for victims of crime.

We have written before – and believe it is worth repeating — that the more Maine people learn about Marsy’s Law for Maine, the more apt they are to support the measure. Members of law enforcement, community leaders, state legislators from both sides of the political aisle, victims, victims’ advocates, and citizens across Maine all agree: We need to ensure that crime victims in our state have rights that are equal to the rights of those accused or convicted of the crimes against them. 

The rights enumerated in Marsy’s Law for Maine are common-sense. No matter what the crime, no perpetrator should more rights than the innocent victim they harmed. With Marsy’s Law for Maine, crime victims will at long last have the much-needed equal and enforceable rights they deserve.