We’re On The Ballot, So What’s Next?

Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma kicked off just over three months ago and as of April 4, the day we fully passed through the legislative process, we’re confirmed to be on the general election ballot in 2018! It’s a big milestone, but we still have a long way to go.

To make Marsy’s Law a reality, all Oklahoma voters will have to vote yes during the next general election. To win, we must build momentum so all Oklahomans understand how equal rights for crime victims help people put their lives back together AND make our criminal justice system stronger.

We’ve been going all over the state talking with crime victims, law enforcement officials, and prosecution teams about Marsy’s Law and how it will help crime victims. Our efforts are paying off. More than 30 crime victims, victim service organizations, elected officials and law enforcement members have endorsed Marsy’s Law.

They all know Marsy’s Law is for Oklahomans like Kelly and Tina, whose stories you will learn more about in our blog post next week. Here’s what they have said, on record, to local outlets about the importance of Marsy’s Law and the fight for equal rights for crime victims.

“[The unanimous vote in support of Marsy’s Law for Oklahoma] gave me more hope in our system than I have experienced in the last 26 months.” – Kelly Vierling, Stillwater

“Marsy’s Law is critical for letting women know they can come forward and they will not be victimized again by the people who are supposed to be helping them.” – Tina Jones, Bray

Right now is actually THE time to ensure crime victims receive the dignity and respect they deserve. By spreading awareness for the need for Marsy’s Law, we will ensure no Oklahoma family has to suffer in a system that doesn’t recognize their rights.

Help us build momentum and support for Marsy’s Law. Sign up for updates or share your story here, or sign up to volunteer – we still need you. Your stories and efforts will help us win the election.

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