Do You Have A Story To Share?

We are a nation of stories. Each of us has a story and, for as long as humanity has existed, have been hearing the stories of others since before we were old enough to tell our own. Within those stories, we find joy, pain, understanding, hope… There is nothing more powerful than a story to convey the message contained within. You have a story. And your story matters.

In the coming weeks, Marsy’s Law will be doing a series of video shoots in Montana that will feature the stories of crime victims and how Marsy’s Law would have made a difference for them. These types of stories are by far the most powerful tool we have to educate Montana voters about why Marsy’s Law is so important for the people and the state of Montana.

We need volunteers who are willing to share their stories for these video testimonials. If you have a story to share, please contact [email protected]. Whether a victim of crime, family member, a member of law enforcement or an advocate on behalf of crime victims’ rights, you can help make a difference for victims’ rights. It’s time to use our voices to give victims’ theirs – we hope you will join us.