Dr. Henry Nicholas In Kentucky To Support Marsy’s Law

On Wednesday, Dr. Henry Nicholas (Marsy’s brother and the heart behind our efforts) visited Kentucky. He visited with legislative leadership and shared his personal story, asking Marsy’s Law be a priority for passage and to ensure its placement on the 2018 statewide ballot. He then met with bill sponsor Sen. Whitney Westerfield and later with a group of fellow victims and advocates. He met with each with graciousness and compassion – thanking these strong and passionate partners for their continued support.    

A team meeting ended the day, Dr. Nicholas speaking with the folks on the ground in Kentucky responsible for the law’s passage. Dr. Nicholas’ encouragement was strong and heartfelt, and the passionate Kentucky team remains fully committed to its goal of providing constitutional protection to crime victims.

The day was a mix of emotion and determination, resulting in an enhanced sense of energy and urgency behind the Kentucky effort. Our most sincere thanks to Dr. Nicholas for his compassion and continued support, and to each of our incredible supporters who were able to join us throughout the day.