Endorsements Continue For Marsy’s Law for Montana

This has been a great week for endorsements for Marys’s Law for Montana. We’ve been focusing our outreach on Montana lawmakers county commissioners, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials; and those efforts have been paying off. 

In just the past week we’ve received endorsements from three sheriffs, one county attorney, seven county attorneys, and three state legislators.  A big THANK YOU to the following:

County Attorney Bruce Becker, Park County

Sheriff Doug Riggin, Liberty County

Sheriff Jason Frederick, Roosevelt County

Sheriff Tom Bauer, Mineral County

Rep. Carl Glimm, HD 6, Kalispell

Rep. Ray Shaw, HD 71, Sheridan

Rep. Dan Salomon, HD 93, Ronan

Commissioner Shane Gorder, Richland County

Commissioner Cindi Shaw, Butte-Silver Bow

Commissioner David Schulz, Madison County

Commissioner Ron Nye, Madison County

Commissioner Adam Gartner, Dawson County

Commissioner John Prinkki, Carbon County

Commissioner Deanna Bockness, Prairie County