Equal Rights for Crime Victims – The Right Thing to Do

Granting equal rights to crime victims in Maine is the right thing to do. Those are the words of Maine’s Democratic House Majority Leader Erin Herbig of Belfast, but we are hearing it repeated all over Maine. The more people learn about Marsy’s Law for Maine, and the more they learn that 35 other states have constitutional rights for crime victims and that Maine is considered an outlier in this regard, the more support Marsy’s Law for Maine earns. 

When an innocent person becomes a victim of crime, the sense of injustice can be life-altering. It should not be made worse by the criminal justice system and proceedings in their cases, but that is what happens when crime victims learn their rights are lesser than those of the person accused of committing the crime against them. No criminal should have more rights than the victim they harmed.

The sole purpose of Marsy’s Law for Maine is to finally give crime victims in our state the equal rights they deserve. Maine people agree equal rights for crime victims are common sense and that victims deserve their rights to be recognized at the highest levels of the criminal justice system. As Rep. Herbig and so many others have said, granting equal rights for Maine’s crime victims is the right thing to do.