Fighting For Victims’ Rights With Atlanta Victims Assistance

Barney L. Simms fought tirelessly for the rights of victims for many years. After seeing the needs on the streets of his own community, he became a board member of Atlanta Victims Assistance where he made a tremendous impact for the citizens of Atlanta who had suffered through the sudden loss of a loved one.

Tragically this year Mr. Simms himself became a victim of homicide in his own home. The AVA named their 2016 V.I.P. (Violence is Preventable) awards in honor of Mr. Simms.

Marsy’s Law for Georgia was honored to be one of the main event sponsors for this event in June where four victims advocates were recognized for their work on behalf of victims.

Proceeds from the fundraiser underwrite Homicide Support Group meetings, publication of a quarterly newsletter and an emergency fund for families who are unprepared to make final arrangements for their loved one.