Franklin County Chair Sheriff Scott Nichols Discusses Support for Marsy’s Law

Sheriff Scott Nichols, Marsy’s Law for Maine Franklin County chair, recently talked about why he supports the equal rights Marsy’s Law will afford Maine crime victims. In his words: “The rights of the accused are absolute. There are no absolute rights for the victim.”

Members of law enforcement work with victims every day. In his 33 years in law enforcement, Sheriff Nichols said he has heard various victims complain they weren’t communicated with well, and they don’t understand the criminal justice process. He added that the accused and criminals – especially repeat offenders – know what is in store for them once they are arrested. They also know all their rights.

The opposite is true for victims of crime. As Sheriff Nichols pointed out, “A victim of a crime never anticipates becoming a victim of a crime, so their world is turned upside down.”

Giving crime victims some sense of control by giving them equal, absolute rights they can count on, as well as information about their cases and the legal process, is the right thing to do. 

That is why guaranteeing equal constitutional rights for crime victims and their families, as Marsy’s Law for Maine will do, has earned the support of thousands of Mainers, including law enforcement leaders like Sheriff Nichols.