Georgia’s Largest County Issues Proclamation In Support of Marsy’s Law for Georgia

The Fulton County Commission issued a proclamation at its last meeting naming Oct. 4, 2017, as Marsy’s Law for Georgia Day in the county.

The proclamation introduced by Commissioner Marvin Arrington Jr. said “The Board of Commissioners of Fulton County expresses support for Marsy’s Law” and “endorses the concept that crime victims should have equal constitutional standing with the accused or convicted criminal.”

This strong, bipartisan endorsement from the largest county in Georgia, with more than 1.2 million residents, should influence the votes of Fulton’s large delegation in the House, where the fate of Marsy’s Law for Georgia hangs in the balance during the 2018  session. The crime victims’ rights amendment passed the Senate last session by an overwhelming margin of 50-4. 

The proclamation pays tribute to Dr. Henry Nicholas, the founder and leader of Marsy’s Law for All, by telling his family’s tragic story and how it led to his activism on behalf of other victims and victims’ families.

“The goal of Marsy’s Law is to give crime victims equal constitutional standing in court with the accused or convicted criminal and enforceable rights and remedy,” the proclamation reads. It goes on to say “No rapist should have more rights than the person they raped and no abuser should have more rights than the person they abused.”