Grassroots Efforts For The New Year Have Already Begun

As Marsy’s Law for Georgia ramps up heading into the 2017 General Assembly session, the grassroots team is expanding its efforts beyond the victim advocacy community to groups engaged in public policy in the state.

Marsy’s Law for Georgia team members Julianne Thompson and Allan Hayes explained this victims’ rights initiative at a recent meeting of the United Tea Party of Georgia in Buford and, in January, they’ll present to groups in Ellijay and Gwinnett and Cobb counties.

“The main concern we encountered involved questions about why prosecutors around the state weren’t publicly supporting Marsy’s Law for Georgia,” Thompson said. “But once people understood these new constitutional rights wouldn’t interfere with the rights of the accused and that these rights already exist in statute, individuals began to express support.”

Julianne and Allan will follow up with these grassroots activists as details on the language and bill introduction develop when the General Assembly convenes in January.