Growing Support Across The State – Are You Involved?

All of us who believe in Marsy’s Law for Maine are so grateful that our initiative has such genuine support across our state. This summer, we plan to talk with people in communities across Maine, in our grassroots efforts geared towards growing our coalition. We will work hard to make sure every Mainer knows about Marsy’s Law for Maine, and the importance of finally granting Maine crime victims the equal rights they deserve — rights that are on par with those of the accused or convicted of committing crimes against them, and rights that are recognized at the highest levels of Maine’s criminal justice system. 

This work is so important. It is time that Maine join the 35 other states in our nation that have already granted equal rights to crime victims. 

We hope you will continue to support us in this effort. If you have a personal story to tell, or if you want to help us as a volunteer, please contact Rebekah Lynch by email, phone at 207-844-3691, or sign-up here