“I Will Speak” Awareness for Crime Victims With Special Needs

Events like “I Will Speak” in Weatherford are a great reminder of the need for Marsy’s Law in Oklahoma. Founder, and wonderful Custer County Chair Lezley Bell, organized the “I Will Speak” celebration as an awareness campaign and fundraiser for victims of crime with special needs.

Through her organization, Proverbs31eight, Lezley speaks out as a voice for those with disabilities, those victims of crime who may be unable to speak out on their own. Lezley’s advocacy speaks so closely to our efforts to elevate the rights of crime victims in our state constitution. We were proud and grateful to have a presence at this event and have the opportunity to interact with guests and talk with them about State Question 794.

While at “I Will Speak,” we happened upon this Bounder travel RV, which may look like a getaway on wheels – but it is so much more than that. The vehicle you see is used by Oklahoma Interviewing Services and is legally certified to allow children to testify in court, within the refuge of a safe and remote environment. This haven on wheels was part of the community support that rallied around the I Will Speak event hosted in Weatherford.

Way to go, Lezley!