Joining Together For Crime Victims In Maine

I am always proud to be a Mainer, but last week was extra special. Last week, Maine’s legislative leaders reached across the aisle to introduce Marsy’s Law For Maine to our state’s citizens. To see Senate President Mike Thibodeau (R) and House Majority Leader Erin Herbig (D) stand alongside members of their caucuses, and the families of crime victims, to indicate their ardent support for a change to Maine’s constitution was a moment I will never forget. Statewide media responded, and our initiative has received excellent coverage, introducing the importance of this change in our state.

It was National Crime Victims Rights Week, and as a result, there were several occasions that our Marsy’s Law team had to talk with the families of crime victims. One of these instances was at the luncheon for the Maine Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children. Judi Richardson, whose child was shot and killed, and who still seeks justice, put the need for Marsy’s Law most eloquently when she said: “In Maine, we still have a criminal justice system, not a victim’s justice system.” I cannot think of a more poignant statement as to why Marsy’s Law for Maine is so important.