Leaders of Maine Victims’ Organizations Join Marsy’s Law Effort

In a huge show of support for Marsy’s Law for Maine, the leaders of two Maine victims’ organizations that stand behind Marsy’s Law have now joined our effort in leadership roles. Arthur Jette, Maine Chapter Leader of Parents of Murdered Children, and Judi Richardson, who founded Remembering Darien, will represent Marsy’s Law for Maine in Somerset and Cumberland Counties, respectively.

The equal rights that Marsy’s Law for Maine will afford crime victims are personal for both Arthur and Judi, as both are victims of crime themselves.

Arthur’s 2-year old grandson, Treven Cunningham, and his daughter’s best friend, Mindy Gould, were murdered in 1999 in Dexter. Arthur has called Marsy’s Law for Maine “a game changer for people like me,” and said it is, “a much-needed remedy for crime victims who find it patently unjust that accused and convicted criminals have guaranteed constitutional rights and protections that we, the innocent victims, do not.”

Judi lost her 25-year old daughter, Darien, to murder in Portland in 2010. Judi continues to seek justice, and has said, ‘“In Maine, we still have a criminal justice system, not a victim’s justice system.” Judi believes Marsy’s Law will help to change that and will help innocent victims of violent crimes to heal and rebuild their lives.

Arthur and Judi’s leadership on Marsy’s Law for Maine is particularly meaningful to our effort. We are grateful for their support, the endorsements of their organizations, and the work they are committed to doing to educate and grow support for Marsy’s Law in their communities.