Maine’s First Lady Ann LePage Endorses Marsy’s Law

We are thrilled to announce that Maine’s First Lady, Ann LePage, has endorsed Marsy’s Law for Maine, and we are honored that she will serve as our State Chairperson.

Equal rights for crime victims is personal for Mrs. LePage. She and her family don’t talk about it much, but they know what it is like to have your life changed forever by the actions of another, ripping away your sense of safety in an instant. She knows some hearts never heal from a crime, and that on top of the pain of being a victim of a crime, the criminal justice system can add to victims’ challenges, especially when the accused or convicted has stronger rights.

Mrs. LePage firmly believes that current laws protecting crime victims are inadequate because they can be changed with a simple legislative majority, while criminals’ rights are constitutionally protected. In her own words, “I believe it is only fair that crime victims have guaranteed rights they can count on.” She added that crime victims “deserve the common-sense equal rights, protections and legal standing Marsy’s Law for Maine will afford them, and they deserve a voice in the criminal justice system.”

We are incredibly appreciative of Mrs. LePage’s support in this bipartisan effort. It is meaningful to all involved in Marsy’s Law for Maine. Her support will be instrumental in raising awareness of the equal rights Marsy’s Law for Maine will bring to crime victims in our state.