There Are Many Ways To Cast Your Ballot

By tomorrow, all Montana counties will have begun distributing absentee ballots to voters who are on their “permanent” absentee voter lists.  If you’re not on that list, or not sure, and want to conveniently vote absentee, please visit the Secretary of State’s online resources for absentee ballots.

That’s not your only option: Registered voters can vote in person at the Elections Office in their county courthouses from now until Election day.  Just go in and they’ll fix you up with a ballot on which you can vote in person or take home and mail back later.

If you’re not registered to vote, there’s still time to do that as well. You can click here to register to vote right now, in which case you’ll be on the voter roster for Election Day at your precinct’s polling location. You can also register to vote in person at your County Election Office and vote a ballot at the same time.

Voting has never been so easy. We’re hoping you’ll take advantage of one of these methods and cast your YES vote for CI-116, Marsy’s Law for Montana!