Marsy’s Law for Florida Presence Strong At First CRC Public Hearing

Last week, the Florida Constitution Revision Commission held the first in a series of public hearings that provide Floridians with the opportunity to voice their opinions on the various proposals still up for consideration before this body. Among those proposals was Proposal 96, or Marsy’s Law for Florida. The hearing was held in Ft. Lauderdale and attracted approximately 700 attendees, nearly half of whom submitted comment cards!

The Marsy’s Law for Florida team had a strong presence at the hearing. We had a table in the designated public area with a large poster for people to sign, as well as handouts, t-shirts, bumper stickers and other fun items to help spread the word about the effort for equal victims’ rights. 

Inside the hearing room, we had a steady stream of supporters wearing their purple Marsy’s Law for Florida t-shirts sitting in the front row and catching the attention of the Constitution Revision Commission members. Also impactful were our speakers who shared deeply personal reasons why they support Marsy’s Law for Florida. Our last speaker of the day drew applause from the crowd. We are incredibly thankful for the many supporters and speakers who came out in full force to advocate for Marsy’s Law.

Next week, we’ll head to Melbourne and then Jacksonville where we will continue to demonstrate to commission members that there is an incredible need for the victims’ rights and protections contained in Marsy’s Law and that there is widespread support for the measure among Floridians.  

Additional hearings will be held in Pensacola and St. Petersburg through mid-March.

If you live in or nearby Melbourne, Jacksonville, Pensacola, or St. Petersburg, and you want to share your story, or simply want to let commission members know that Marsy’s Law for Florida is the right thing to do, let’s connect! To get involved with Marsy’s Law text MARSY to (850) 374-6846.

The full Constitution Revision Commission will soon be deciding whether or not to include Marsy’s Law for Florida on the November ballot as a proposed constitutional amendment. Now is the time to tell them that you support Marsy’s Law for Florida.