Marsy’s Law for Florida Pursues Equal Crime Victims’ Rights

This week, Florida joined a growing number of states pursuing Marsy’s Law. Here in the Sunshine State, we’ll be working to secure equal rights for victims of crime by updating and strengthening our state’s constitution. Over the coming year, we have a unique opportunity to do that through the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). This group convenes every 20 years with the sole purpose of identifying any needed changes to the Florida Constitution. If the CRC votes to place Marsy’s Law on Florida’s 2018 General Election ballot, it would then give Florida voters the chance to provide more protections for victims and their families.

We are grateful for the support of state Senator Lauren Book who is featured in the below video, which is running across the state. Senator Book will introduce Marsy’s Law language to the CRC and we could grateful for and honored by her strong support.

Marsy’s Law for Florida is already receiving an outpouring of support, but we would welcome more advocates willing to stand up and lend their voice for victims’ rights. We’ll need supporters to join us at upcoming CRC meetings and to speak up in the press. Please let us know if you want to get involved.

To learn more about our efforts in Florida, visit our website and be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your support as we work on behalf of victims and their families.