Marsy’s Law for Georgia Legislative Day on February 1st

Marsy’s Law for Georgia is gearing up for its legislative day on February 1st, when advocates will pour into the Capitol to educate their representatives on the need for constitutional rights for crime victims. 

Entering our third legislative session, our grassroots numbers have soared. We now have nearly 11,000 petition signers and the number of Georgians willing to volunteer has grown to more than 1,000. We have more than 500 people who’ve expressed an interest in attending our legislative and more than 200 already signed up. House members will see passionate advocates in purple t-shirts at every turn.

Marsy’s Law supporters will target their own individual representatives throughout the entire House, but we know our first obstacle is to get through the Judiciary Committee. In preparation for that, we recently added 15 more people willing to testify and tell their own personal stories – the stories that really bring to life the need for Marsy’s Law for Georgia – during a committee hearing. That brings our total willing to testify to 32.

At legislative day, advocates will meet with – and thank – Sen. John Kennedy of Macon, the sponsor of Marsy’s Law for Georgia, who guided the bill last session to overwhelming Senate passage. Kennedy will continue to lead the cause as the bill moves through the House this session.

In the lead up to the session, our grassroots efforts across the state have remained strong. Tamiko Lowry-Pugh of Marsy’s Law for Georgia recently recruited more supporters at the Voices of Savannah Survivor Symposium. Tamiko is pictured fourth from the left.