Marsy’s Law for Montana Picks Up Huge Endorsement From Great Falls Tribune

This week the Great Falls Tribune editorialized in support of Marsy’s Law for Montana. Here’s an excerpt:

We strongly support the concept behind Marsy’s Law, a proposal to provide in Montana comprehensive legal rights to victims of crimes and close family members.

It’s well-established that in the United States, defendants in criminal cases have specific rights. They are considered by the courts to be innocent until proven guilty; they can exercise the right against self-incrimination; they have the right to a state-appointed attorney if they can’t afford a private lawyer; and they have the right to be judged by a jury of their peers if a jury trial is requested. Our Founding Fathers rightly didn’t want criminal defendants to be railroaded by kangaroo courts.

In recent decades, there has been a movement to ensure that victims of crimes, and close family members, be kept apprised of the prosecution of a case, and be given a chance to comment on a plea agreement and attend sentencing and parole hearings.

Unfortunately, families of crime victims often were shunted to the side in past years, kept in the dark or not told about important hearings in advance.

Please continue reading here: “We favor concept of expanding crime victims’ rights, Great Falls Tribune, 2/10/16