Marsy’s Law for Montana Will Empower Crime Victims

Rep. Tom Berry, (2015, December 30). Marsy’s Law for Montana Will Empower Crime Victims. Retrieved from Missoulian.

On Dec. 30, 2000, my son was murdered by a drug dealer. The pain of that tragedy has diminished little for my family even 15 years later. I’ve learned that when you’re victimized by a crime like this, you’re a victim for life.

The criminal who murdered my son was sentenced to over 100 years in prison. And even though we know he will be there for a long time, we also know that this case will likely never end.

For years, we’ve watched and participated in the court process, and will continue to be involved as the years move forward. He will eventually be up for parole, and we know that those parole hearings will dredge up all the pain of that loss all over again.

No family should have to go through what mine went through. But crime is a difficult fact of life, even as our law enforcement has become better and better at preventing crime. When it does happen, we need to make sure that the victims receive the help and respect that they deserve.

This is why I’m a supporter of Marsy’s Law for Montana, a proposed constitutional amendment that would ensure that victims of crime are treated as well as individuals accused or convicted of crime.

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