Marsy’s Law for North Carolina Holiday Outreach

The holiday season is in full swing and along with it comes festive occasions and activities in communities all over the state. And if you check out Marsy’s Law NC on social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram#mlacrossnc – it seems that the campaign is popping up in every corner of North Carolina to help spread the news about strengthening victims’ rights.

From “Black Friday” shopping lines to Christmas events – large and small-town parades in Holly Springs, Williamston, Durham, Franklin, Mt. Holly, Asheboro, and Sparta to name a few, the Marsy’s Law NC team has blanketed the state visiting voters and elected officials who support the cause. Though the backdrop this time of year is often festive, the message is still clear: North Carolina victims deserve equal rights in the state constitution that the accused and convicted already have by law.

Holidays are an opportunity to share camaraderie and happy occasions with family, friends, and community. But unfortunately for victims of crime, it’s often also a time to remember what has been lost; the freedom, health or, tragically even loved ones who have been taken away by the actions of others. Marsy’s Law will not fix the wrongs that have been committed against victims of crime, but it will bring important rights to North Carolina’s victims of crime – like notification of custody of the attacker; and the right to be heard during court proceedings. And just as important as taking time to spend with family and friends celebrating the season, it’s as important to think of those in our communities who suffer during this special time of year because of victimization. We hope you will take some time this season to show your support for crime victims in our state and we look forward to the continued holiday events which highlight our special state.