Marsy’s Law for Georgia Receives Endorsement

GA Endorsement

Meetings with victim advocate groups in Georgia have echoed one refrain: “We’ve watched Marsy’s Law and were hoping it would come to Georgia.” Earlier this month, the Georgia Marsy’s Law team met with leaders of victim advocate groups to spread the word about efforts to let Georgia voters decide whether or not to elevate victims’ rights to the state constitution.

These leaders, each of whom suffered the murder of a family member, told us how their personal losses led to lives ministering to others dealing with similar situations. The Rev. Dr. Bruce Cook and Jessalyn Dorsey represented the Crime Victims Advocacy Council and Brenda Muhammad leads Atlanta Victim Assistance. These advocates represent thousands of Georgians hurt by crimes who found themselves facing many unknowns in the criminal justice system. These groups played significant roles in getting the Georgia Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights passed into law in 2010. Now they’re ready work on behalf of getting Marsy’s Law into Georgia’s constitution – one of only 18 in the country that do not already specify co-equal rights for victims of crimes.

Soon after meeting with the Marsy’s Law team, the Crime Victims Advocacy Council’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse the constitutional amendment. We hope this endorsement is the first of many from victims groups across the state.

This week, the Marsy’s Law team will be front and center at the Georgia Sheriffs Association meeting seeking the support of some of our state’s most high-profile law enforcement officials.