Marsy’s Law Hawaii Supports New Survivor Action Committees

Marsy’s Law partnered with the Hawaii Coalition of Domestic Violence and other community allies to support the formation of Survivor Action Committees on two Hawaiian islands this year, including one on Molokai a couple weeks ago. They join the Oahu Survivor Committee in bringing together victims of crime to voice their experiences and advocate change together. 
Survivors on Oahu have been meeting regularly since September 2014 and continue to join Marsy’s Law to hold public awareness events throughout the state to share their stories and educate residents on the importance of why we need constitutional protections for victims’ rights. They provided guidance and support to advocates on Maui and Molokai as they established their own Survivor Committees to improve access to resources for victims on neighboring islands. 
Our survivors will continue to lead the way in creating action committees on all islands to ensure victims have the resources they need to make their voices heard. Their work brings us one step closer to making Marsy’s Law a reality in Hawaii.