Marsy’s Law for Maine Gives Clarity And Voice To Victims

Marsy’s Law for Maine will bring much-needed clarity to crime victims in Maine. Current Maine law regarding the rights of crime victims is vague and leaves much to interpretation. This lack of clarity and the sense on the part of victims that they are not heard can be harmful to victims, who are often already traumatized by the crime against them or their family member. Yet, those accused or convicted of the crime against them are guaranteed clear protections.

Marsy’s Law for Maine will remove any ambiguities and uncertainties about the legal standing and rights of crime victims in our state. It will amend Maine’s Constitution to ensure victims of a crime are guaranteed the same equal standing under the law as those accused or convicted of a crime.

In addition to making sure victims of crime are heard and granted legal standing to ask that their rights be protected, it will also ensure that victims of crime are notified of bail hearings, as well as any release or escape of a criminal. Victims will know better what to expect throughout criminal and juvenile proceedings, and they will be better prepared if the person accused or convicted of a crime against them is released.

The equal rights Marsy’s Law for Maine ensures will finally give Maine crime victims and their families the clarity – and the voice — they deserve.