Marsy’s Law For Maine Gives Needed Remedy

Current law for victims of crime in Maine, while well-intended, is woefully inadequate. The Maine criminal code addresses victims’ rights in statute, but victims of crime in Maine, unlike those accused and convicted of crimes, have no constitutional protections. Marsy’s Law for Maine seeks to remedy that for victims and their families. 

Crime victims in Maine deserve the common-sense, constitutional protections Marsy’s Law for Maine would afford them. They deserve to have their rights elevated from statutory to constitutional, so they are no longer inferior to and less enforceable than the rights of the accused and convicted, but equal. The equal footing provided for crime victims in Marsy’s Law for Maine will give crime victims a voice, not a veto, in the legal process – nothing more, nothing less. And it will guarantee their right to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness throughout the process. 

We all can agree that Maine crime victims and their families deserve equal standing and protections under the law to the rights of the accused and convicted. No rapist should have more rights than the victim. And no murderer should be afforded more rights than the victim’s family.