Marsy’s Law for Maine Welcomes New Aroostook County Chair

Marsy’s Law for Maine welcomes the Honorable Trey Stewart as our Aroostook County Chair. Representing the Presque Isle area in the Maine State House of Representatives, Rep. Stewart is a huge asset for our growing, bipartisan team.

Rep. Stewart was instrumental in raising awareness of Marsy’s Law for Maine in northern Maine by organizing supporters to participate in Aroostook County’s very own Potato Blossom Festival Parade this year. He is committed to informing voters in The County that victims of crime in Maine do not have rights that are equal to the rights of the accused and convicted, and that Maine is an outlier in this regard. Like all of us at Marsy’s Law for Maine, Rep. Stewart stands behind the equal rights Marsy’s Law for Maine will afford crime victims across our state.

Rep. Stewart believes all Maine crime victims, including those across Aroostook County — from Houlton to Presque Isle to Fort Kent — deserve rights that are recognized at the highest level of the criminal justice system. He also believes equal rights and legal protections for Maine crime victims are common sense and overdue.

With Rep. Stewart’s support, we look forward to making sure Marsy’s Law for Maine earns the support of Aroostook County voters and a spot on the state ballot in November 2018.