Marsy’s Law for North Dakota: A Goal We Can Achieve

This month alone we’ve been able to meet with the North Dakota Sheriffs Association, Police Chiefs, State’s Attorneys, Cass County Bar Association, Garrison city government, and MADD to discuss Marsy’s Law for North Dakota! Each opportunity has brought forward interesting discussion about the rights afforded to victims.

Nothing in Marsy’s Law for North Dakota is new legal ground – it either exists in our state law, federal law, or in other states’ law. Therefore, we know that every part of it has precedent and is able to be accomplished.

Marsy’s Law for North Dakota is needed because the constitution is where victims’ rights belong. Victims are the individuals most harmed by crime and yet too often they are an afterthought in our criminal justice system – even with statutory rights. This shift is a recognition that our criminal justice system should respect victims as much as it respects defendants.

We look forward to continuing discussions with everyone we can. If you’re interested in learning more or having someone from our coalition visit with your group, let us know!

Contact Marsha Lembke, State Director, at [email protected].