Meet Your Marsy’s Law Team: Trevor Vessels

In 2009, Dr. Henry Nicholas formed Marsy’s Law for All and, throughout the years, many talented and passionate individuals have answered the call to help ensure victims have the rights they deserve. The Marsy’s Law for All team is comprised of men and women across the United States who are dedicated to serving victims of crime, in some cases themselves having personally experienced the devasting effects of being victimized. We are grateful for the opportunity to share the stories of those behind Marsy’s Law for All and why we have chosen to commit ourselves to helping victims through the passage of Marsy’s Law.

Please meet Trevor Vessels, Marsy’s Law For Ohio State Director, who is responsible for working with citizens, advocates and lawmakers across Ohio who are joining the effort to help pass Marsy’s Law.


What made you interested in working with Marsy’s Law for Ohio?

Marsy’s Law for Ohio is a chance to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I jumped at the opportunity and am very proud to be part of this effort.

Is there any experience you can/ would be comfortable sharing about how Marsy’s Law could’ve/ has affected you personally?

My wife is a therapist whose specialty is treating victims and survivors of domestic violence. It’s heartbreaking and discouraging they are not given the respect they deserve. I’m confident that we’re going to change that this year.

If you could explain why you personally think Marsy’s Law is needed, what would you say?

This is a no brainer. If me, or my family, or someone close to me, was a victim of crime I think that we would be shocked to find that the system isn’t designed to give victims a voice. We aren’t diminishing the rights of offenders, we’re simply ensuring that victims are treated with the respect that they deserve.

What were you doing prior to working on Marsy’s Law?

I’ve worked for years as a political and media consultant and in 2016 ran a very competitive statewide race for the Ohio Supreme Court. It was a close one, of the 4.1 million votes cast my candidate won by about 22,000 votes.

Tell us something fun we don’t know about you!

My wife and I are the proud parents of a 6-month-old, Ben (or Benny) and when I’m not working I’m with my family and our dog Newman.