Meeting With University Of Hawaii Students

Meeting and engaging with the students of the University of Hawaii was very energizing, and at the same time very humbling. Many of the students were so excited to get involved with Marsy’s Law once they heard what it was about. Many students expressed shock to hear that Hawaii is one of 18 States without constitutionally protected victim rights.

Sadly I was approached by a handful of students both male and female who disclosed to me that they were victims of sex assaults. Already at the tender ages of 19 and 20 they said they had a negative experience with the criminal justice system. One victim shared with me that she was talked out of filing a police report. She shared that at the time she was scared and didn’t know what to do. She said she wished she had rights as a victim of a crime. We were thanked by many students for our advocacy efforts to pass Marsy’s Law, and we were encouraged to keep them informed of our efforts and events so they can participate and support Marsy’s Law for Hawaii.

By Marci Lopes, Executive Director, Marsy’s Law for Hawaii