Mocksville Community Signs on in Support of Marsy’s Law for North Carolina

The Mocksville, North Carolina town council unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to support strengthening victims’ rights in North Carolina.  The 5-0 vote was in favor of North Carolina legislation that will amend the state constitution to give victims of crime an equal level of protections that are already afforded to the accused and convicted.

Mocksville is the tenth community in the state to formally endorse and support this victims’ rights legislation. Mocksville Mayor Will Marklin said, “I am proud to support Marsy’s Law and stand up for victims’ rights.”

The legislation is part of a two-step process to strengthen rights for North Carolina’s victims of crime – first by passing both chambers of the General Assembly by a ⅗ margin followed by a statewide vote. Last spring, Marsy’s Law passed the state House with overwhelming bipartisan support and now awaits a vote in the Senate possibly this fall. Once it passes the Senate, it will be sent to the voters to decide as early as next spring.

The Marsy’s Law NC campaign continues to build momentum across the state spreading the word to North Carolina communities about why North Carolina needs to guarantee rights for victims of crime in our state constitution to give them co-equal rights as the accused and convicted in the eyes of the law.