New Polling Suggests Americans Lack Confidence In Criminal Justice System

Gallup just released a new poll that shows only 23% of Americans have either “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the criminal justice system. Such lack of confidence is unfortunate and concerning. Most troubling is that young Americans have the least amount of confidence in our criminal justice system according to a poll conducted by the Harvard Institute of Politics. 

There is a multitude of reasons people have for their lack of confidence. Many minorities feel as though the criminal justice system is not equal. Many poor people feel the system discriminates against them and victims often feel as though they are left out of the process.  Regardless, we all need to work together to find ways to restore trust in our criminal justice system if we are going to maintain law and order in our country. 

One way to help restore trust is to pass Marsy’s Law (Amendment S) to give victims the rights they deserve. Marsy’s Law will give victims constitutional rights equal to the rights of their criminal offenders.  Strengthening rights for crime victims and guaranteeing them a right to be heard will elevate their status in the process and change the culture in the judicial system for the better. 

Please vote Yes on S in November!