Reflecting on Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Montana

Last week we had a flurry of activities related to the National Crime Victims’ Rights week, topped by a pair of Crime Victim Forums hosted by Attorney General Tim Fox in Great Falls and Missoula.

The events in Montana had a common theme: while law enforcement has made great advances in how they respond to victims’ needs, there is still a lot of improvement needed in the criminal justice system to achieve the level of respect that victims deserve.

While Crime Victims’ Rights Week brought a great deal of attention to crime victims’ issues, we need to keep that momentum going to Election Day in Montana.  The rights that Marsy’s Law for Montana would enshrine in our state Constitution will be a great stride forward in addressing many of the frustrations that we heard about last week.  

The bottom line is the more Montana’s learn about these issues, the more they support Marsy’s Law.  Let’s all make the extra effort to educate our neighbors, friends, and family about Marsy’s Law.

– Chuck Denowh, State Director Marsy’s Law For Montana