“Remembering Darien” Joins in Support of Marsy’s Law for Maine

Marsy’s Law for Maine is honored to have the support of “Remembering Darien,” a South Portland-based organization that has advocated for crime victims and their families in Maine since 2010. It is named for Darien Richardson, who was a 25-year old young woman with an incredibly bright future when she tragically lost her life due to a blood clot after she and her boyfriend were shot by a masked gunman in their home in Portland in January of 2010.

To honor her memory, Darien’s family and friends established “Remembering Darien” to help innocent victims of violent crimes to heal and rebuild their lives in the aftermath of incomprehensible violence.

Recognizing that granting equal rights for victims of crime is an important way to help in the healing process, and that Maine is one of a handful of states that does not grant equal rights to crime victims, “Remembering Darien” is supporting our efforts.

We have heard from countless crime victims across Maine that not having rights equal to those accused or convicted of crimes against them, and not having due consideration in the criminal justice system, is a form of re-victimization for them. One victim called it “another dimension of cruelty.” 

Marsy’s Law for Maine will remove this sense of injustice for crime victims. Maine will no longer be an outlier when it comes to ensuring victims of serious crimes have much-deserved equal rights to those who committed the crimes against them.