Remembering Victims Around The Holidays

The holidays are a time for family. For shared meals and memories. But for some Kentuckians, the deep loss created by the crimes they’ve suffered prevents celebration.

Sometimes that means an empty place at the dining room table. Unopened gifts. Ornaments made by a child who no longer giggles as they wake their parents on Christmas morning. Sometimes that means a spirit or faith so shattered, the magic of the holidays is but a faded memory.

Crime has many effects on victims and their families. Physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and more. As you gather with your families during this holiday season, I would ask that you take a moment to consider the 275,000+ of your fellow Kentuckians who are perhaps struggling due to a crime they have suffered. Ask them what they need – maybe it’s a kind word, a hug, a bag of groceries, and tell them that you are supporting Marsy’s Law in their honor.

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