Remembering Victims on National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims

The Marsy’s Law for Maine team was honored to attend a remembrance for murder victims in Augusta on Monday, September 25. Hosted by the Maine chapter of Parents of Murdered Children on the nationally recognized Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims, we were grateful to be included and were deeply moved by the memorials to homicide victims, and all who attended in memory of their loved ones.

Arthur Jette, Maine chapter leader of Parents of Murdered Children and Marsy’s Law for Maine Somerset County Chair, said prior to the event that it is “important to remember that any family can be affected by the taking of life through the violent actions of another.” Most people can’t imagine that they or a loved one will ever be the victim of murder or any violent crime, but for these innocent victims, their sense of invincibility, as well as the sense of safety and security they have held their entire lives, is ripped away forever.

We believe these victims, whose lives have been totally changed by the actions of another, at the very least deserve equal legal rights and standing to those who are accused or convicted of committing the crimes against them. Marsy’s Law for Maine stands up for these victims and their families, just as it does for those affected by non-violent crimes. All victims deserve a voice. That is why we are behind Marsy’s Law for Maine, and why we were honored to be a part of the Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims and their efforts to support and serve the survivors of homicide in Maine. One of the best ways we can think of to honor murder victims is to work to secure constitutional rights for victims of violent crime, in their memory.