Returning Voices To Victims Of Crime

It used to be the case that crime victims had a strong voice before the court. Historically, victims actually acted as the prosecutor in their own cases. They were active participants before the court in their accusers’ trials, so their voices were front and center. Now, victims play a less participatory role in cases against their accusers. Despite the best of intentions, they often are treated peripherally. The constitutional rights Marsy’s Law for Maine will afford crime victims will help give them back their voices.

Marsy’s Law for Maine will ensure crime victims in our state have the common-sense protections they deserve – protections that are equal to those of the accused and convicted. Victims will be treated as participants in their cases and will be ensured a meaningful role throughout criminal or juvenile justice systems. They will be treated with fairness and respect, and their safety, welfare, and privacy will be considered. They will have the right to timely notice of court proceedings that may impact them, and they will have a right to be present and heard at those proceedings. They will also have the right to restitution for the losses they suffered.

Marsy’s Law for Maine will bring clarity to the rights of crime victims in our state. It will give victims the reasonable standing and protections they need and will give them a voice once again.