Scars of Survival supports Marsy’s Law for Georgia

Scars of Survival Inc., a Snellville-based organization that works to prevent domestic violence, has endorsed Marsy’s Law for Georgia, saying constitutional rights for the abused could provide protections to the abused that are a matter of life and death.

“Our goal is to end domestic violence in the communities by bringing continued awareness through prevention, empowerment, and education,” said Sathya C. Nelson, the nonprofit’s founder and executive director. According to Nelson, the efforts to extend help to victims of abuse cannot be done alone, but rather, “it takes a village.”  

Nelson said her organization sees firsthand the need for greater rights for crime victims, who live in fear of their abusers being released from jail or prison without their knowledge.

Working to eliminate domestic violence, Scars of Survival focuses on directly serving victims’ physical and emotional needs. The nonprofit provides victims with a variety of resources including food and clothing, employment assistance, mentoring, transitional housing assistance and self-sufficiency workshops. By endorsing Marsy’s Law, Scars of Survival hopes to provide victims with a voice to lead them out of the darkness created by domestic abuse.

Scars of Survival’s endorsement will activate all its supporters to lobby their representatives in the Gwinnett County delegation, which has more than 30 House members.